David Pringle Studio

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David Pringle is a British artist and designer based in London. He studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art and after graduating, worked for the renowned Mike Smith Studio, creating major art fabrication projects on an international scale.


Having honed his technical skills, Pringle went on to set up his own studio, continuing his artistic practice, whilst also working on bespoke commissions and collaborations with other artists, designers and architects. 


Sculptural themes of colour, light, material and form are at the forefront of Pringle’s practice. His photographic and painting works often use the ‘image’ as the starting point. Through subtractive processes, these images are broken down, revealing subsequent layers, and bringing into question the material sustaining the original image. Thus, creating dialogues between the materiality of an image and the image itself. In contrast to these fluid, quick and abstract works, Pringle’s sculptural pieces are often created through a refinement of process, methodical use of the material and meticulous detailing; similar in concept but expressed as slower, more meditative responses. 


It is this dichotomous approach to both form and subject matter that typifies Pringle’s work.  Through a constant questioning of the relationship between the physical and visual, Pringle’s work never stays static, and allows for multiple interpretations and perspectives.  

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